Rankings & Traffic WILL Slip

So what exactly happens when you stop SEO? Do you immediately drop out of the rankings? Does traffic to your site begin to sink right away? The short answer is: no. The long answer is much more complicated. During the first few months, you may notice that your ranking stays relatively consistent and as a result, your traffic will likely remain the same as well. Unfortunately, this pattern is usually short-lived.

Why Do Rankings Decline After Stopping SEO?

  • Lack Of Fresh, Relevant Content
  • The Competition Doesn’t Stop
  • Algorithm Changes
  • Easy To Revert Back To Bad Habits

Changes in search volumes and keyword competitiveness.

Once keyword research (the process by which we discover what users are searching for to find products and services relating to a website’s offering) is conducted, we aim to refresh this research as often as possible. This is because the way users search on Google changes extremely frequently, so a keyword searched for 100 times a month in January 2019, may be searched for more often or less in January 2020.

Changes in the ways users search

In the past few years, the platforms and ways in which users search for goods and services has changed dramatically, and this is set to continue to change in relation to new technology and user demands.

If you stop watching out for bad links

If you stop doing SEO, your backlink profile can get out of control. When you watch your backlinks, you will see the following happen:

  1. People scrape your website content and keep the links in by accident.
  2. You get Google alerts from sites hacked by malware.
  3. Competitors try to do negative SEO on your site.

If you don’t update your disavow file once a month, you are putting your website rankings at risk. Lately, we have been doing it weekly for clients in competitive spaces.

If you stop building new pages:

Building new pages are harder for some industries than others.

Websites should always be targeting new terms and organizing them by segment. Those segments should be prioritized based on business goals and tracked in a dashboard.

But if you stop building new pages, you’ll lose keyword growth momentum.

Creating these pages for SEO, but additionally, these new pages can be excellent landing pages for paid search and paid media, in general.

As a website grows, it’s a great idea to create more landing pages that target specific keywords and audiences. This will improve quality score on the page side and conversion rates all around.

If you stop this process, you’ll lose your competitive advantage. The people who win in the future of the web will be the ones converting traffic for less.