Facebook Dating is a feature within Facebook’s main app rather than a separate app release. Facebook users create a separate dating profile. After indicating interest in another profile, the service lets users contact each other. Facebook also plans a feature to let people attending the same event make their profiles visible to each other. In an effort to meet new people, the service ensures that users do not match with their friends, and that they match with people who have things in common, as well as mutual friends. The company is also adding a “Secret Crush” feature so that people will be able to match with others that they ‘like’. Once two people ‘like’ each other, they will be able to match and potentially talk to each other.

“We’re trying to connect people that are open to getting to know each other in the future,” says Nathan Sharp, a product manager at Facebook. “It’s all about opting-in and making sure that people are really intentional.”

As part of that mentality, Facebook Dating doesn’t have a right-or-left swiping mechanism. To sort through potential matches, you’ll need to tap “Not Interested.” Facebook Dating users won’t be able to start a conversation by simply saying “Hey.” Just like the dating app Hinge, users will instead need to respond directly to one of a potential date’s nine photos or questions, like “Was that taken in Morocco? I’ve been there too!”

One of the biggest advantages to Facebook Dating may be that the service exists inside of the Facebook app, and can be accessed from the app’s main menu. It’s about as easy as can be to swipe between your news feed any potential matches.

Since last week, users in the U.S. have been able to choose to opt into facebook dating and create a dating profile — one that is separate from their main profile. possible matches are proposed based on user’s preferences, interests and other things they do on facebook. as with other dating apps, this one is not about swiping left or right. if you are interested in someone, you can comment directly on their profile or like their pictures. if not, you can simply just pass on. the app won’t match you with friends unless you choose to use secret crush and you both add each other to your list.

In addition to the US, the app is currently available in 19 other countries: argentina, bolivia, brazil, canada, chile, colombia, ecuador, guyana, laos, malaysia, mexico, paraguay, peru, the philippines, singapore, suriname, thailand, uruguay, and vietnam. it will arrive in europe by early 2020.