At the most basic level, programming is a broader discipline whereas coding is a narrower one.

Coding involves writing many lines of code in order to create a software program. Programming involves not only coding but also other tasks, such as analyzing and implementing algorithms, understanding data structures, solving problems, and more. Programmers are typically technically-minded and have strong analytical skills.

To put it simply, all programmers are coders but not all coders are programmers. Some experienced programmers use the word “coder” as jargon that refers to a beginner (junior) software developer.

There are plenty of coding lessons and tutorials all over the web that allow learners to master basic coding terminology and learn to write simple apps or websites. On the other hand, programmers need a specialized degree and years of experience to obtain the skills and knowledge that are required to write complex programs.

When coding, you transform the requirements in a human language into a language that your application will understand. When programming, you give an app or a machine a set of instructions to be carried out. A programmer is typically responsible for an entire software product whereas a coder is responsible for a certain part or parts of the software product.

Coders typically follow given instructions and requirements to write code whereas programmers often use their own imagination and analytical skills to solve specific problems. To be a coder, one should know the syntax, but to be a programmer, one should understand and complex data structures and algorithms as well as be able to create such algorithms.

Coding essentially forms a part of the programming approach that involves translating requirements, writing lines of codes and implementing them into formats which can be machine-readable. Programming involves all the critical parameters, including debugging, compiling, testing and implementation.

Coding can be defined as a part of the approach for a programming technique. On the other hand, programming can be defined as a super set of coding which deals with all aspects of any programming base including the coding approach.

Coding is the process of translating and writing codes from one language to another whereas Programming is the process of building an executable program that can be used to carry out proper machine level outputs.

Coding only deals with the codes and so it is less intimidating and less intensive. On the other hand, Programming deals with a program to control and interact with the machine to produce proper results.

Coders are mainly used to translate the requirements and their logic into a language that machines can understand whereas Programming deals with much more than that. It’s not only used to analyze and develop the codes but also engage all the different artifacts to make the system perform in a proper way.

To become a programmer, different aspects of any approach needs to be considered. In the case of coding, one just has to deal with the codes and concerned requirements. So, complex programming requires a much more in-depth understanding of the language.

Coding can be defined as a part of the Programming approach whereas Programming can be defined as a superset of Coding. It deals with different aspects of any programming base including the coding approach.