Major Marketing Trends for 2020

Marketing can alter at the drop of a hat. Strategies that exploded in popularity in past years are now being pushed aside for new innovations. With artificial intelligence, influencer marketing, and SEO dominating the online marketing space, it's imperative for

Difference Between Programming and Coding

At the most basic level, programming is a broader discipline whereas coding is a narrower one. Coding involves writing many lines of code in order to create a software program. Programming involves not only coding but also other tasks, such

Is PHP Dying in 2020?

Started in the year 1995, PHP is one of the popular server-side scripting languages designed for web development. Today, a big segment of the “server-side website development industry” is dominated by PHP. Besides, many popular sites like Wikipedia and Facebook

Basic Principles that Every Programmer should follow

Programming is just like telling a story to a fellow programmer where variables are characters in your story some plays their role till the end and some end up in the middle, different functions are telling different parts of your